Now That I’m Old…

Now that I’m old, there’s no chance to be cool I’m that creepy lurker passing the delicates isle Finding myself lost in nebulous thought Youth dropping their eyes while I try to smile You can’t be friendly when you’re a certain age Somewhere along the line, I missed my cue Oblivious to the graffiti onContinue reading “Now That I’m Old…”

Picking Up My Girl Along The Way

Picking up my girl along the way A short enough skirt that’ll surely tease Soft tones upon the extinguished day Wine & song that I might forever please Snapping fingers & popping buttons Ample latitude that I might play her fool Admittedly; for her touch I’m a glutton My own words reveal me to stillContinue reading “Picking Up My Girl Along The Way”

I Don’t Want To Be Cool

I don’t wanna be cool I don’t wanna be hip Refresh your Tweets With some witty quip Wasn’t made for these times Like Brian Wilson said No longer cynical I’ll leave you be instead No need for impropriety All can be gentlemen here Straighten my tie & smile Not approving, but highly sincere   ImageContinue reading “I Don’t Want To Be Cool”