Such A Beautiful Specimen

Photo by Jess Vide on

Such a beautiful specimen
As I’m sailing through a mirage
Blue waters falling into crystal eyes
More interested in her décolletage
Aspirations following the deep night
Knowing the truth of a certain fashion
Toe to toe & inequality reigns
My only hope lies in enthusiastic passion

Collecting Fresh-Faced Girls With Monogrammed Asses

Photo by Roberto Nickson on

Collecting fresh faced girls with monogrammed asses
Spending the morning listening to the Blues
An old soul within that youthful mindframe
Toe tapping, blackout shades & misleading tattoos
I begin to think I’m the one lured
But all we have between us is coffee stained mug rings
Embrace the possibilities of the moment
Join in the beauty of desperate sorrow of BB King
This day is such a sunny tease
Through passion, we become another bedpost notch
A memory Today will keep for all posterity
As she makes me taste the glories of her vagazzeled crotch