Psuedo-Intellectual Musings

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Psuedo-intellectual musings
While condemning elitist ink smears
Coffee stained evolutions in thought
Might not be enough to save us from fear

I never joined their convent
Grammatical errors in the campus revue
Yet I still fell in love with the library clerk
Such a scandal was hardly breaking news

Searching to survive through ambiguous dreams
Perhaps with the flex of a dollar store pen
A mere commoner, in every sense
Soon forgotten once you gaze upon prettier men

Unlocking Inspiration In The Night

Unlocking inspiration in the night
Emerging from the shadows & dark places
Rising from a migrant slumber
New life without any of the fragile traces

A travesty banished to the past
Along with all heartache & fear
Endless scribbles upon discarded paper
The truth within ink stains & pencil smears

There’s Something To Be Said For Going Outside

There’s something to be said for going outside
Wallowing in the dirt, smearing it on your skin
Returning your soul to the Earth, to be truly free
There’s only one life; you’ve got to get it in
Remove society’s reign over your instincts
Dance unhindered; strip & frolic completely bare
Be at peace with the natural world’s glory
Stand proudly and let your nips feel the Spring air