Don’t Rush Me, Woman



Don’t rush me, Woman
I’m making sure you’re real
The invigorating magic
Of the slow reveal


Image by Juergen_G from Pixabay


I’m Spilling My Martini


I’m spilling my martini
Like a drunken lout
Don’t judge me, lady
Know not what I’m about
Merely seeing my words
You only know what I tell
I’ve never revealed scars
Or invited you to my hell

Picking Up My Girl Along The Way

Picking up my girl along the way

A short enough skirt that’ll surely tease

Soft tones upon the extinguished day

Wine & song that I might forever please

Snapping fingers & popping buttons

Ample latitude that I might play her fool

Admittedly; for her touch I’m a glutton

My own words reveal me to still be uncool

My ravishing mettle giving her just cause

Subtly picking up her heels and hemline

This rakish spirit providing her pause

Exposing joy & unadulterated sunshine