Immune To A Power Surge

Immune to a power surgeI sit alone & quietly typeNot affected by technologyRefuse to be your modern gripe I switched off my terrestrial radioBut I’ll still pound at these keysI’m not cool or a trendy guyI’m reserved, doing as I please There’s never been an audienceJust a few genuine folksSharing myself sparinglyI’m better with theseContinue reading “Immune To A Power Surge”

Only Loyal To The Dead

Only loyal to the deadKeeping faith with those gone beforeThoughts hard to shake looseMy left foot dragging on the floorWhat did I drink last nightHer voice pounding in my headRegret fills me from withinI know I should have drank water instead

I’m Pounding These Keys

I’m pounding these keysTrying to create a landmarkSomething to last through timeA rhyme to set off a sudden sparkI’m vain in ways I won’t admitA schedule of words upon the pageFormulas/equations for me to disconnectMemories for after I’ve withered into age


  It’s not a crime to be pretty Wearing rented dresses, searching for a breadwinner Socialites & other plastic people No redeeming qualities, but she wants to be thinner Her vagina will accept almost anything Whether it be dollars, pounds, marks or kroner A consummate professional at all times She expects to be well paidContinue reading “SkyFall”