Speaking All The Buzzwords

Photo by ELEVATE on Pexels.com

Speaking all the buzzwords
But those aren’t the vibes she wants
The death of your compassion
Is what will forever haunt

Double down on speeches & poses
Before you try for her feminist knickers
But she needs something more
Than your wick to get thicker

A Dancing, Twirling Girl

Photo by Bob Clark on Pexels.com

A dancing, twirling girl
Caught up in the bedglow
Free from the concerns
A proper lady to surely know
Chamber chorus versus Jazz
She couldn’t guess where I’d be
That’s what kept us apart
Improvisational styles she couldn’t see
Cocktails in the early afternoon
She liked her whiskey neat
A traditional, proper beauty
But couldn’t meet when it came to the sheets
Striking poses within silhouettes
Admittedly swooning from my words
A wry smile & another sip
We sit naked, listening to ‘Trane & Bird