That’s all I can think about you
But I’ll restrain myself
Such notions simply won’t do
Lovely, gorgeous or beautiful
I choose to roll off my tongue
You deserve to be treated better
Your praises shall be sung


I Think You Have The Wrong Notion Of Me



I think you have the wrong notion of me
I could be wrong, but it’s what I believe
I’m neither the saint nor the villain
In which your notions are trying to achieve
I’m not nearly as arrogant as I portray
That’s merely the manifestation of a fictional role
I know confidence is sexy & I’m trying my best
But I have doubts regarding the quality of the contents of my soul

Where Are Our Notions Of Excellence

Where are our notions of excellence

Who was it who decided upon the benchmark

I’m not concerned with the notches in your belt

Nor the inferiority you felt after dark

We need to find a solution within this realm

To expel those who feed off society’s blues

To exterminate the politicians & profiteers

Our war, our blood & our catastrophic fate