Brokenhearted On A Monday Afternoon

Brokenhearted on a Monday afternoonMourning the loss of a piece of my heartThe giant, jerk dog was always thereThis can’t be the end; merely the startI never got a chance to truly say goodbyeFor I never believed you’d be goneThat you’d bounce back, like you always didBut always isn’t now & I can’t move onIContinue reading “Brokenhearted On A Monday Afternoon”

Broken Umbrellas & Sturdy Desks

Broken umbrellas & sturdy desksMaking no distinctions for the loss of timeSketching out all the possible plotsWillful heartache remains the worst kind of crimePut away your stencils & fountain pensThese days call for someone to be original & boldToss aside oaken casks of yesteryear’s notionThis world isn’t ready for those who shattered their own moldTeaContinue reading “Broken Umbrellas & Sturdy Desks”

Perfection Laid Out On Satin Sheets

Perfection laid out on satin sheets Beauty dripping away piece by piece Every dream slipped right through Life & loss masked by laughing creases He said you were everything he desired Burning deep in his soul, but you refused Moving too fast to stop & notice him Yet you cry foul, saying you were abusedContinue reading “Perfection Laid Out On Satin Sheets”