Relaxing In My Hammock

Relaxing in my hammockFeeling the gentle breezeTrying to close my eyesBut visions of her tease My head starts churningMy heart begins to raceNeed to stick the landingWithout falling on my face Along the way inI’m shedding all my clothesBy her sly smileMy beautiful woman already knows

The Sea Villanelle

  A love that’s only known to me Weigh anchor – Sail with the tide When I’m off exploring the sea A lass that’s sassy & steadily free Couldn’t forget her, Lord knows I tried A love that’s only known to me When the winds cry like a Banshee The ocean will be my endlessContinue reading “The Sea Villanelle”

By Day, You’re Out Fighting Wars

By day, you’re out fighting warsWherever politicians decide you need to roamDiplomacy by air, land & sea& the lucky ones get to return home But your training doesn’t include thisUnsure how exactly to be a regular guyBabies & tiaras & unicorns bebopping aroundHow to explain a child’s smile can make you cry   Image byContinue reading “By Day, You’re Out Fighting Wars”