Kicking The Heads Off Wildflowers

Kicking the heads off wildflowers
But they’re often seen as weeds
I stroll throughout this lost meadow
Forgetting my list of dangled needs

Recharging my soul along the way
Knowing there’s an answer out there
Wallowing in life’s simple pleasures
Never gone, because I’ll always care

I Didn’t Mean To Get Too Personal

Photo by Francesca Zama on

I didn’t mean to get too personal
I merely noticed your exposed slip
My thoughts took me to uncharted waters
Thinking of us – alone- a subtle skinny dip
An abandoned wedding gown crumpled
The satin too white against your lace
I didn’t know what I was supposed to feel
Though I could see the muted joy in your face
You kicked off your heels & removed your gloves
Walking too close you whispered ‘yes’ to my surprise
I loosened my tie before you took charge
I’ll never forget how you looked with your laughing eyes