With Her Secrets Daintily Hushed

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

With her secrets daintily hushed
& her charms forever applied
My heart proudly sings out to her
This soul will not calmly run & hide

I want to shout my love forever
To be wildly demonstrative & loud
To cherish her until hell comes calling
Within the Lord’s love I am avowed

Ill Reputed Minstrel & Her Fancy Dolls

Ill reputed minstrel & her fancy dolls
Forever punished for my dated sin
A hushed wish for something more
Images of the whiteness of porcelain
Do not lead me through vacant doors
No need to become another mistake
Removed from that dreadful life
Sparing additional pain for her own sake
Dancing lightly in the darkness
Admiring her spinning gown
Incapable of resisting delicate charms
Would do anything to replace that frown

Calico Woman Came Calling To Me



Calico woman came calling to me
Hushed words within a poised stance
Lingering, but pale stars falling
Returned with dislocated underpants
Thinning with ulterior motives
Never forgot her hocus-pocus
An underlying pain feeding through
Life left when love slips from focus