“My honor is dearer to me than my life.”

– Cervantes: Don Quixote, 1604





I Was Planning On Being A Gentleman



I was planning on being a gentleman
But then she kicked off her heels
The rest of the night was an orgasmic blur
I went and caught a bad case of the feels


Image by simonlees from Pixabay

Have We Forgotten That We’re A Rebellious People

Have we forgotten that we’re a rebellious people

Cashing checks under a drifter’s pseudonym

But together, we race across time, surviving

Embracing the unity of singing outlawed hymns

Lately, crying about a falsified history

Disillusioned, disappointed, disingenuous

I have no faith in movements and isms

They’re tinged with the superfluous

I believe in honor & service to the people

Treat each as an individual, never a group

Freedom & liberty distilled down to purest forms

Or else, we’ll see this hatred played out in an endless loop