Your Idols Weren’t Half The Men

Your idols weren’t half the men They thought they were half a bottle in Cowardly hiding behind unjust traditions Sinning while gulping juniper medicinal gin Their women languishing in the shadows Cast off from any chance to reach the light Yet those damsels can see through the dark The perfect heroine to save an errantContinue reading “Your Idols Weren’t Half The Men”

Life Isn’t So Perfect

Life isn’t so perfect We’ll all get bumps & bruises Nightmares will find a way But the path is the one she chooses Victims are merely lame footnotes She’s the heroine of her own script Casting off their burdens/ flipping the bird “Fuck off, society” she blatantly quipped Image by engin akyurt from Pixabay

I Still See You When I Sleep

I still see you when I sleep Heroine of my iridescent dreams Basking in the rays of moonlight Proving love exists between the seams Marching forward into my mind Catching lightning in a crystal ball I am consumed by your beauty Together we tumble, one for all