Sunshine Cresting From The Sea

Sunshine cresting from the seaA soul to be filled with love’s perfectionA mere vessel to carry on this lifeBeating in my heart’s reflection Allow me to circumvent your plansWedging myself in your obvious wayPlease look me gently in the eyesThis happiness; where forever stays You’re more than you’ll ever knowOur tandem rhythmically in strideYour tasteContinue reading “Sunshine Cresting From The Sea”

Let Us Survive These Dog Days

Let us survive these dog daysThe warmth still rising up to a boilI’d rather be walking down the beachBut I’m forced to relentlessly toil I wish to be holding your handAs we walk in the evening’s glowSoft words filled with eternal promisesFor your love is the last I’ll ever know

Only Loyal To The Dead

Only loyal to the deadKeeping faith with those gone beforeThoughts hard to shake looseMy left foot dragging on the floorWhat did I drink last nightHer voice pounding in my headRegret fills me from withinI know I should have drank water instead

Trying To Find The Proper Tense

Trying to find the proper tense& then his anger risesCan’t deal with these peopleMirrored statements of all he despisesSimple logic wasted around hereAn abyss filled with what they don’t knowShocking & devastatingly stupidThen you realize they’re all a show

The Indoctrination Is Complete

  The indoctrination is completeThey molded you just rightRemoving the will to struggleStripping you of the desire to fightYou work for them these daysA concise, common goalGone are the thoughts of freedomAn iron fist smashing your soulNo longer an individualLost all your character traitsYou belong to the system nowLet your bones fill with hate

Most Guys

Most guys Will tell as many lies As it takes to get between your thighs But that’s not my goal I’m just trying to find something to fill this hole That has been left in my soul *this is one of the first poems I can remember writing. I believe it goes back to ’94Continue reading “Most Guys”