The Winter Winds Keep Us Bundled

Photo by S Migaj on

The Winter winds keep us bundled
Sending us shivering & reeling
Dreams of a warm drink by the hearth
Caught up in those distant feelings

Our checklists remain unchecked
Hustle, bustle & we’re forever hurried
There must be a moment to calm ourselves
To enjoy coffee in the midst of this flurry

Is It Possible To Just Lay Here

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on

Is it possible to just lay here
I just want to close my eyes
It’s been a frustrating day
Take your hand off my thigh

Please don’t look at me like that
Woman, have your way if you insist
But I promise not to enjoy it
Will you be gentle if I don’t resist?

Frayed Cuff On Antique Khaki

Photo by Athena on

Frayed cuff on antique khaki
Knowing thy state of dress
I wasn’t as dapper as she was used to
Hoping she wouldn’t think any less

He wasn’t any better than a prig
Her dance card drawing sideways looks
Quietly, she enjoyed my wicked tongue
& the way we shared our crooked books

Shaking the dust off our neglected spines
Certain steps lead to an awkward courtship
But faith in the power of pristine passion
That’s when I met her puckered cherry lips