Finding Refuge In My Dreams

Finding refuge in my dreams
Traipsing through Baudelaire’s flowers
I sing a silent dirge to my soul
Tracing her petals within Summer’s shower

Caught in the currents of missteps
Former words no longer voiced
Lightness of a delicate vision
We heard the morning’s rain rejoice

Politely declining a dreadful umbrella
Walking out, always been man enough to weep
Soaked; tears all the way through
Drowning; maybe now the sunset will let me sleep

I Don’t Know What The Hell I’m Doing

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I don’t know what the hell I’m doing
I’m just trying to feel my way through
This existence offers many pitfalls
Working within our struggles, those Blues
There’s only one way to survive here
You’ve got to continue to fight your urges
Finding the right path to paradise
Piecing together words to sing the dirty dirges

Guiltily In Love

I’m guiltily in love; a mere pawn
Laying in these lowly tones
Stretched out upon the lawn
& feeling fresh here all alone
Whistling a soulful, soft dirge
With nothing better than this
Closing my eyes & you emerge
With nothing sweeter than a kiss