Endless Hours



Endless hours of love on café sidewalks
The world was beautiful & we were free
We were together; we were holding hands
& we were as happy as we could be

But then we were separated & deprived
The days are not so lovely & bright
I shall never let them get the better of us
For I shall spend every day in this fight

When they ask me why I can still smile
‘I know what true love is’ will be my reply
This world is weak compared to my love
Know that you are always the gleam in my eye

The Frivolity Of Her Words

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on Pexels.com

The frivolity of her words

Wishing they had deeper meanings

Sunk down low in her chair

The cafe the source of her scheming

Dim lights allowing her to see

Answers within these tea leaves

Burned memories & villainous hexes

It only mattered if she truly believed