Liberation Granted By The Morning Alarm

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Liberation granted by the morning alarm
Still alive; this body aching with rippling fatigue
October visions, yet I’m safe from obvious harm
Visions dwindling; remnants of horrific intrigue

Seeking out coffee to loosen this slumber
A stretch & chance to deliberately mourn
These dreams encrusted in burnt umber
Sworn to abide by the wisdom of Nat Hawthorn

The terror that befalls us when we’re unaware
Soon free from the slow tolling of the funeral bell
Needful sleep caught us within a nightmare
Unconsciously breaking from a manufactured hell

Visions of dropping acid with William Blake
Dawn is our escape; returning to peace as we wake

Sundown Brings On The Reduced Heat

Sundown brings on the reduced heat

Wind whispering to sail with the tides

Vapors tread quietly upon the feet

Decisions enter & thoroughly abide

Lonely bird settles down on the rails

Experience brings on a sullen glow

We cannot escape when life fails

Currents grip & provide the undertow