Working On This Beach Bod

Working on this beach bod
Lived my whole life up in my head
Trying to become something lovable
Society left me mostly ignored instead

Attempts to create an unique existence
Purging the dreadful; want something more
An authentic soul bent on sincerity
Giving you my all, but you’d rather have Thor

I can’t be anything that I’m not
I’m lifting weight, going for a run
Never listen to what a fool transcends
Getting old is not any fun

2 thoughts on “Working On This Beach Bod

  1. I chuckled at the title. Oh sooooo true! Happily, my husband and I have accepted each other’s flaws and growing old. We both know we need to get more fit, but we’ve learned that enjoying the time we have is just as important as what the world thinks we should be. Wisdom does indeed come with age. I hope the woman in your life appreciates you for exactly who you are.

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