Quiet Practice Of Language

Quiet practice of language Where saints lay desecrated Discarded words & their meanings Grizzled by dreams we’ve created Continuing on is our only option In spite of our demon’s desires Internal resolve beats steadily Rising once more; trial by fire

With Summer’s Moonlight Shining Down

With Summer’s moonlight shining down We’re not alive to merely appease everyone Reminder to exist for your soul’s own sake Basking in the fickle warmth of the rising sun Released from those winter storms Contending with heat & humidity down there Be comfortable in your sovereignty & thus release yourself from their stares Do notContinue reading “With Summer’s Moonlight Shining Down”

Falling In Love Every Morning

  Falling in love every morning Reminders of the Lord’s perfect grace A partner in this shared existence Let me look upon your slumbering face Slipping from the warmth of our bed To chronicle the inspiration found in the night Regeneration of unbridled passion Earnestly dedicating these words that I now write

Rigormortis Of The Soul

Rigormortis of the soulDejected along emotional failingsTempered seas begin to rollWhite knuckles; hold fast to the railings Sorting feelings like a rolodexTrampled yearning from Jaguar yearsUnprepared for survivalCausing the most elaborate of your fears Processing out foreign memoriesBut the answers just get in the wayUndisciplined in self-diagnosisA sturdy smile in the face of the seaspray

I’m So Happy, I’ll Dance You A Jig

I’m so happy, I’ll dance you a jig With my eyes open, these dreams so big Still living this life with childhood eyes Truth always revealed as the tears dried Sailing ships, battered by wind & storm Ignoring reason, logic & the accepted norm Life gets hectic, it’s often a terrible mess Never grow up,Continue reading “I’m So Happy, I’ll Dance You A Jig”

Another Tepid Morning, Waiting Silently

Another tepid morning, waiting silentlyDawn yet to break, but my head feels that wayThese dog days lapse like a bit of purgatoryStanding before St. Patrick with nothing to say Teetering & more than slightly confusedChecking my watch; praying its not too lateDid my heart stop? How did I go so astrayJolted back- the Almighty’s nectarContinue reading “Another Tepid Morning, Waiting Silently”

The Drippings Of My Mind

The drippings of my mindThe office, a soul in paper mâchéBooks & notes of imaginationA collection of stories we played It’s a subtle knowledge hereinYears of experience slightly compressedNicks, faults & scars smoothed overThough I remain unimpressed Scratching away at this drivelNothing created in which to be contentScrambling for fresh ideasAt this pace, I’ll neverContinue reading “The Drippings Of My Mind”

I Want To Touch You

I want to touch youTaking in your hips, nips & lipsForcefully; against the bookshelfWe keep making the record skip There’s no quenching this fireThis passion burning inside meI want this life to last foreverKeeping pace with the love setting me free

Upon Awakening

Upon awakingI find my face littered with pixie dustWith no possibilities of fakingI’ve been visiting paradise, I trust Off chasing adventure in the streams& you thought I fell asleep on my bookNeverland is not only in my dreamsBut these scars caused clearly by a hook

Word By Structured Word

Word by structured wordSearching for concrete textualityShe dropped her handkerchief coylyNever again to forget her sexuality Her head thrown back in a laughWhat makes her heart quicken its beatI’m pacing – racking my distracted brainInspired to write, I hasten to take a seat

Waiting For Lightning To Strike

Waiting for lightning to strikeWithin these summer stormsI’ve found a good womanHer love keeps me nice & warm No need to venture out thereFor then we’d need to find clothesI’m content right where I amWatching everything from my bedroom windows

Immune To A Power Surge

Immune to a power surgeI sit alone & quietly typeNot affected by technologyRefuse to be your modern gripe I switched off my terrestrial radioBut I’ll still pound at these keysI’m not cool or a trendy guyI’m reserved, doing as I please There’s never been an audienceJust a few genuine folksSharing myself sparinglyI’m better with theseContinue reading “Immune To A Power Surge”

Relaxing In My Hammock

Relaxing in my hammockFeeling the gentle breezeTrying to close my eyesBut visions of her tease My head starts churningMy heart begins to raceNeed to stick the landingWithout falling on my face Along the way inI’m shedding all my clothesBy her sly smileMy beautiful woman already knows

The Gilded Age Chandelier Sways With Heavy Footfalls

The Gilded Age chandelier sways with heavy footfallsA second story party alive up above our headsMuffled sounds of twisted wires & funeral pyresA library collecting books never meant to be read The structure of our mistakes & dislodged memoriesWatching the faint dust drifting down from the ceilingCasting the power of a pleasant word into theContinue reading “The Gilded Age Chandelier Sways With Heavy Footfalls”

The Illustrious Words Of Hunter (the elder)

The illustrious words of Hunter (the elder) We ante’d more than our parents’ share Broken cups of mottled modeling clay Abstinence leaving you lonely & bare Chanting Yeats without a voice A rye smile at the lively night’s end Cocktail girls when only a wife will do Looking to the heavens to make amends TimeContinue reading “The Illustrious Words Of Hunter (the elder)”

Hobnobbing On A Summer’s Day

Hobnobbing on a summer’s dayListening to a calm Pan fluteBarefooted on the peaceful grassBut this heat makes it all moot Ignoring all the world’s hateWe choose love above all the staticHolding on for a moral lifeSurvival in this society is never automatic

Let Us Survive These Dog Days

Let us survive these dog daysThe warmth still rising up to a boilI’d rather be walking down the beachBut I’m forced to relentlessly toil I wish to be holding your handAs we walk in the evening’s glowSoft words filled with eternal promisesFor your love is the last I’ll ever know

Locked Behind The Chauffeur’s Key

Locked behind the chauffeur’s keyI know you love me, but can’t admitThoughts trampled itinerant wordsYou’re unfocused & ashamed by it I don’t have any sex that sellsThat’s not an option for guys like meThe car’s musty & you’ve lost the scent& you’re looking for a way to break free

Securely Sheltered In Your Castle

Securely sheltered in your castleHe makes sure you’re secludedAlways firmly safe from all harmObviously he’s benignly deluded The loneliness still quietly invadesThe walls upward of 10 feet highLocks, bolts & your skeleton keysHelpless against memories of a guy Your suburban paradise glittersBut you’d rather be alive insteadPerfection laid at your feet, butThe punk of yourContinue reading “Securely Sheltered In Your Castle”

I’m Standing Under Swaying Palms

I’m standing under swaying palmsHolding a delicious boat drinkI especially like the little umbrellaTime away from life – don’t have to think Smelling like lotion, salt & a sunburnMy soul has truly needed this restBut without you here by my sideMy heart is still a million miles from Key West