The Poetess Vixen

The poetess vixen
Trying to seduce my intellect
Whispering those sweet thoughts
Paused by my pen; time to reflect

But I’m not one to cave to pressure
Her pretty eyes leading me to temptation
I can appreciate & smile back
Without any need for erotic retaliation

Published by Captain Q

These writings herein are the intellectual property of The Honorable Captain Q. Any unauthorized use is forbidden. The full weight of law and karma apply here upon these pages. Any attempt to steal, plunder and/or ransack the thoughts will be dealt with swiftly by an army of fairies, leprechauns & various other good folk.💚☘🌴⚓️☕️

18 thoughts on “The Poetess Vixen

      1. Ok, here’s my try… 😉

        There’s magic in knowing the soul you cannot live without is more precious than anything in front of you.

        There’s complete contentedness in realizing that the one who consumes your heart will be yours for the rest of your days.

        There’s unbelievable joy in discovering that the person you cherish is just as devoted to you as you are to them.

        There’s indescribable amazement in learning that the man you love feels exactly the same way about you.


        Thanks for the inspiration CQ. 💫 I can’t wait to see what you write for her. 🙂

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      2. Hmmm… maybe you should think of it in a more competitive way… a little competition between military branches. You can’t possibly let an Army poetess beat you… what would everyone in your unit say? Lol… 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Funny enough- I just read that 100 years ago they awarded Olympic medals for literature!

        Most of the people I work with wouldn’t know the first thing about sticking words together! And they are sad excuses for sailors! 737’s aren’t very nautical!

        I just poured another cup of coffee. Let’s see where this goes… 😃

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Did they really? I guess we were both born in the wrong era. Lol…

        I wonder if any of them are actually writers, but just don’t share that side of them.
        Nobody ever knew my creative side when I was in. I guess it just didn’t seem like something anybody else would ever relate to, so I never bothered to tell anyone.

        I know you’ll do it… 😉


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