Flaming Sauerkraut Stud Muffin

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Flaming sauerkraut stud muffin
A condensed version of radial glory
Knowing full well where life begins
The translucent strands of our story
Calculating Parisian jazz statistics
Veiled through the rummy, filtered grime
Distance equals an unfettered stump
When satisfaction measured in Lycra & time
Logbooks; surmounting the tepid schedule
All aboard the mourning run of the downtown train
Sunrise catching your weary eyes
Early summer rain prepositions our inaugural hurricane




*I was bogged down and couldn’t write so I just started writing nonsense until I was inspired to create something. It is what it is.

17 thoughts on “Flaming Sauerkraut Stud Muffin

    • I have never taken a writing class or had much formal education in creative writing. I do soak up things from books and movies. I’ll never forget a line from Finding Forrester. Sean Connery tells the kid to get into the flow of writing then your words will eventually take over. It can be a strange exercise, but it works!

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      • Exactly. My wife surprised me some years back when I asked her if she had already outlined her next novel, and she tried to explain that she couldn’t do that, because the characters hadn’t yet decided what would happen next. And ever since then, I have seen how this works for her, and it kind of reminds me of how I write verse–how so often I begin with certain words, phrases, images that inspire me, and the words seem to take over from there. I’m not sure I have written a poem that I had thought out from start to finish before writing it. Or allowing it to guide me in what to write.

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  1. Flaming sauerkraut
    and stud muffin stew,
    what in the world will I ever do?
    The flames have begun to spread
    and so has my bubbling brew,
    oh Lord please help me now
    or I know I’ll never get through! 😉

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