I Can’t Swim That Far

Photo by Azman_Juhari on Pexels.com

I can’t swim that far
No use for a sailor like me
Floating with the jetsam
Without the pomp or jubilee
This grey cell rocking
On each & every wave
At the whim of nature
I pray for Jesus to save
A daily grind in hell
No time for witty quips
This a mere life raft
For the Devil’s Flagship

Published by Captain Q

These writings herein are the intellectual property of The Honorable Captain Q. Any unauthorized use is forbidden. The full weight of law and karma apply here upon these pages. Any attempt to steal, plunder and/or ransack the thoughts will be dealt with swiftly by an army of fairies, leprechauns & various other good folk.💚☘🌴⚓️☕️

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