There’s so much talk of being wild
Like there’s a constant harness holding us back
But its just an illusion for others to see
You’re choosing to embrace all that you lack
These false pretenses are keeping you low
Images of a manicured life on your social media feed
Spending your days adjusting other’s perceptions
When these aren’t the actions a happy life really needs
It’s difficult to perceive any truth as you focus the camera
The projection of crazy as you manipulate your reputation
Here’s a secret, the honest people don’t really care &
The real wild ones don’t bother with perfect punctuation


Image by Anatoliy Morozz from Pixabay


6 thoughts on “There’s So Much Talk Of Being Wild

  1. I never could be accused of fucken perfect prose, but I digress, your alacrity and scurvyness has a political and existential charm that is fucking poifect for a world of finger licking and possibly perfect persons of articulate perspicacity… if god does not help them. I hope they can survive on their own…

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      1. I think some people use perfection as a shield, they think they are safe with it, but they still have to deal with what’s behind the flimsy facade. Hopefully they will learn to be happy in all situations; the messy, the real, the hopelessly flawed and genuine.
        Me, I’ll take genuine any day of the week.

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