Never Smart Enough


Never smart enough to succeed
My numb fingers worked to the bone
Dreams of providing a good life
But I need another path to be shown

Published by Captain Q

These writings herein are the intellectual property of The Honorable Captain Q. Any unauthorized use is forbidden. The full weight of law and karma apply here upon these pages. Any attempt to steal, plunder and/or ransack the thoughts will be dealt with swiftly by an army of fairies, leprechauns & various other good folk.💚☘🌴⚓️☕️

14 thoughts on “Never Smart Enough

      1. Thank you. That is very kind of you. The funny thing is…I heard that same advice years ago and have obviously forgotten it. Thank you for the reminder.

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      2. The sexy stuff pulls in the followers, but if someday you wish to publish something, (if you already haven’t) literary agents and publishers will be looking at your website, blog, and social media. And besides all that, you do the serious ones so well. 😀

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      3. That’s great advice. Thank you. It makes complete sense. I’ve never published anything of substance. I’m still in limbo of whether I want to or not.

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      4. I’m a middle-aged father who works 50+ hours a week. I barely have time to post here. The writing is the easy part for me. It’s the editing of prose & possible marketing that hinders me. Plus, I can’t justify the cost of self publishing at this point. Maybe in the future after the brood moves out.

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      5. Damn, 50+ hours a week, plus all the other crap that goes with raising a family, I don’t know how you have time to write anything. Hopefully, sometime in the future you’ll have more time to do the things you enjoy. I was able to take early retirement this year, or I wouldn’t have time to write. Work sucked everything out of me.

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      6. It’s difficult to juggle everything, but life is what inspires the writing. Right now, I’m enjoying the writing & blog aspects. I’m holding onto the good stuff, just in case I want to publish it in a more formal setting.

        Thank you for taking the time to give me advice. I appreciate it.

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